Senate president, David Mark, calls on Nigerian youths to turn to God

As if saying the best for the last, the senate president David Mark has come up with a plea to fellow Nigerians to take matters to a different dimensions instead of sticking to guns and bombs.

The senate president took things God’s way when he called on Nigerians to pray for the country. According to this day report, Mark urged Nigerians especially the youths to pray for the political and economy problems facing the country.

In a statement issued by his media aide, Paul Mumeh, the senate president expressed optimism that God would heal the land “only if we turn to Him to salvage the myriads of crisis facing the nation”.

““What the country is passing through at the moment is a test of our faith. We must be steadfast in our prayers that God will save Nigeria. What we need now as a nation is sincerity of purpose. Sincerity on the part of everybody, the government and the people. With prayers, our country will see the end of this insurgency and God will totally heal our land,” Mark said.

David Mark also advise the youths to always do what is right both in the present of God and that of men while they are to embrace prayer network as the means for positive change in the effort to build a greater nation.

Adding to the calls for the youths to embrace up godliness was Rev.Father Ndubuisi, who also urged the youths to come together to raise their voices to God in the midst of this crisis being faced in the country.

Assuredly, the clergyman said that his prayer group is not going to rest on its oars until God answers their prayers on the many issues facing the country.

“We have come together to raise our voices to God. The future belongs to young people and as youths by implication, we are praying for ourselves too,” he said.



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