Russia’s arctic: Aircraft passengers push ice trapped plane

You may have the rights but sometimes decides to put it by the side.
That was exactly what the passengers of an Aircraft did this Wednesday, when their plane got frozen in Rusian’s arctic.

Though the weather was unfriendly, but that was no barrier as they, in one accord decided to get the plane out of the Arctic region.

The oil in the aircraft’s chassis was reportedly iced up, thereby seizing the brakes and every other lubricated parts of the airplane, and that made the men climbed out of their seats and put their muscles to work.

As they all struggle to get the aircraft from the ice despite being in freezing weather of -52C, you could hear them crying to each other-“Davay,dava!” meaning “come on come on” as they guide the plane toward a runway in Igarka, about 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

An employee there at Igarka airport told the Komosomolskaya Pravada newspaper, that the oil froze in chassis bearings and that this is the limit temperature in which an aircraft can be used, it’s very cold here”

He also confirmed that the plane was towed  onto the runway as the passengers who were asked to disembark to make it lighter, determined to lend a hand; about 70 of them did it collectively even though in an unfriendly freezing weather conditions.

The plane Tu-134, was charted for Arctic workers flying south to warmer climates. Many of them working in mines and oil and gas industry in Russia’s far north do so shift patterns of many weeks on and off.

Even though the incident turned laughable, it was not so with the prosecutors as they were said to have launched a probe to establish whether some health and major safety rules has been violated.


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