Robert Mugabe has suspended 27 bodyguards for failing to stop his embarrassing fall

Robert Mugabe has suspended no fewer than 27 bodyguards for failing to stop his embarrassing fall down podium steps, sources have claimed.

The 90-year-old Zimbabwe President was caught on camera taking a tumble after addressing supporters at Harare Airport last week.

His security team scrambled to help him to his feet and desperately tried to brush over it by purportedly forcing photographers to delete their pictures of the incident.
But it failed to stop social media users having their fun at the dictator’s expense with a series of hilarious memes.

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo later tried to claim that there was also no evidence that Mugabe had actually tripped over, but instead had ‘managed to break the fall’.

It has now been reported that 27 members of his security team were suspended on Friday pending an official investigation.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, 90, fell down steps from a podium after speaking to supporters upon his return from Ethiopia at Harare International Airport.

New bodyguards were apparently seen on duty when Mugabe met President Edgar Lungu of Zambia last week.


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