Relief as the lawmakers resume peacefully in Abuja

The atmosphere this Tuesday morning was rather the one of relief as legislators resumed their business at the National Assembly in Abuja without being confrontational or had any issues with the security operatives.

The embattled Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal and his aides were seen as they peacefully drove into the complex at some few minutes past ten a.m without police escorts. Neither was the speaker’s convoy stopped for security search.

However, there was apprehension that armed operatives might repeat what happened at the complex on Nov.20, when attempts were made to stop the speaker from getting into the complex by the securities. But as for today, it was indeed a great relief as the lawmakers resumes peacefully.

Today’s gathering, were for a special meeting to consider President Goodluck Jonathan’s request for extension of emergency rule in Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states.

It is still very fresh in minds that some lawmakers had to scale the NASS gate and were tear-gassed by the police following the blockade of the main gate.

Comparing the NASS complex today with what it was last November, is like comparing the day with the night. The complex was devoid of external security operatives, hooded or armed.

The comprehensive stop and search conducted by hooded Department of State Services (DSS) was also non-existent as the combined team of NASS Police personnel and Sergeant At Arm were seen conducting the searches.

Some expected issues like the contentious Petroleum Industry Bill or a revisit of the Emergency on the order paper for Tuesday, wasn’t seen.

It was however gathered that the Emergency rule debate might come up under Message from the President which is item number four on the Order paper.


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