Rats Bit Four-Months-Old Baby To Death In Mexico As Mum Left her To Party

Careless young Mexican mom left her new-born-baby girl at home for 2 hours to go partying. Before she could get home rats has already bit the baby to death a Mexico news website MiMorelia.com reported.

Lizbeth Jeronima Fuentes Munguia, 18, went out to a dance-party in the town of Otumba, leaving her 4-month-old daughter at home in Acolman, near Mexico City on Monday night.

Neighbors gathered at scene of the incident
Neighbors gathered at scene of the incident

When she arrived home early Tuesday, she discovered that The little girl’s face and fingers were mauled by the ruthless rodents as she lay in her crib at home in Acolman, Mexico, on Monday night.

The mom told cops that the baby’s grandmother had been left in charge of the baby, the site reported. The mother has yet to be charged for a crime.

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