President Jonathan launches Online Recruitment Portal

President Goodluck Jonathan launches a broad-based public private partnership called the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy that will redefine the way we engage and support the empowerment and employment of our young people and women going forward. The goal of this Strategy is to speed up an already fast moving train called Entrepreneurship, running across our NATION to empower our youth and women. That is why the Federal Government of Nigeria is proud to partner with the Anabel Group to promote and manage the NYENET.COM portal.

NYENET.COM, an online portal, is a one stop shop to empower and support Nigerian youths. By going to one online portal, NYENET.COM, our young people can access hundreds of Federal and State Government empowerment programs. jona

Besides enhancing the ability of our young people to choose the program that is right for them, this portal will also enhance the Federal Government's ability to reach out to our young people.

So whether you require education or you require funding for your business, or in some cases all you require is a mentor to guide you through the tough economic conditions, you can find support with this strategy and by using this portal.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy goes further to fill the gaps in many of our entrepreneurship programs by providing bankable business ideas to support young people that do not have ideas, or those that their great ideas have not found interest with the banks and financing institutions.

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