Polish Pimps tatoo prostitutes as property

The three brothers gangster was busted by the Polish police who raided their brothel in Gdansk, Poland.The gangsters tatooed their names on the prostitutes as means of identifying their property. Some of the prostitutes interviewed claimed they are willingly working for the brothers, Leszek Baranowski, 26, his 34-year-old brother Pawel and Olek, 31, but authorities are not buying it, Mariusz Marciniak, a prosecutor’s spokesman believe the men along with several others forced the women to work for them as prostitutes but currently no evidence to back it up. The police alludes the women made the statements under duress or to avoid being harmed by the criminals in future.

The pimps are said to have made more than $1.6 million in the business for the period of four years they have been in business.

According to Daily News, “Not only did the men profit off the women, but they also used tattoos to mark the women as belonging to them”, what you can only do to property or animals.


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