Police prevents another Jos bomb blast

The Nigerian police on Thursday, saved hundreds of students and parents from death and agony of another Jos bomb blast, as they diffused explosive devices planted near a primary school in Jos.

It was indeed nothing less than miracle as the device were said to be lit, but the light went out before it could cause explosion because the homemade device could not be set off using remote control.

The explosive was contained in one kilogram of explosives and was about 22 cm long in cylindrical shape.


Some said that the ATM cash machine outside the gate was the target.

Tin City Primary School in Jos is the fortunate school.

This averted disaster was coming just as the team of police Assistant Inspector General, in the seven zones of the police formation, is in an interface dialogue with the traditional and community leaders in Jos, concerning how to avert violent clashes and other related problems common in the country.

The Police public Relations for Plateau state, Abu Emmanuel, said he is yet to confirm the report.


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