PDP will win 30 States – Gov Akapbio

Governor Goodswill Akapbio of Akwa ibom State on Tuesday in Abuja boasted that PDP would win at least 30 of states in the 36 states in the federation come 2015 and also dubbing the opposition as lacking plans for Nigeria, accusing them of sponsoring instability in the country.

“Many of them are fighting selfish wars; many of them are coming out because of their personal aggrandizement; many of them are coming out trying to sponsor instability in Nigeria.”

Akpabio who was also speaking on behalf of his fellow PDP governors at the rally held at the Eagles Square where President Goodluck Jonathan formally declared his run for second term, sounded as if it was the place of his party to determine the election.

“We cannot handover the federal government of Nigeria to enemies of progress,” he said. “We cannot hand over Nigeria to people who are trying to destabilize us; we cannot hand over our future to people who are blackmailers and propagandists.

Of the number of the governors present at the occasion, he said, “We were robbed of three states, we used to be about 25 to 26 and with the entry of Ondo State and Ekiti State we would have been 27 today.

Referring to Mr. Jonathan, he stated, “We are here on the day you decided to heed the call of all Nigerians, to reassure all Nigerians that we the field commanders will work very hard come 2015 election to ensure that the PDP presence in government House in Nigeria will not be less than 29 in number. Some people are saying we may end up with 30 states.

“We are here because you decided to heed the call of all Nigerians to run for second term in office. We were the first set in the country to notice your efforts in transforming Nigeria.”

He told Mr. Jonathan that they had gone on a special retreat for two days around, and travelled around their various states, during which they saw his transformation efforts.

“We went down and we saw the dams and the irrigation projects in North; we saw what we are doing in the railway system; we noticed your efforts at empowering farmers; we took cognisance of your efforts in the power sector; we looked at the many roads that you have done across Nigeria; we look at today agriculture is business in Nigeria.

“Mr President, after taking cognisance of your efforts we the governors resolved that we are not going to contest against you; we are not going to show any interest in the presidency; that we must give you a second term in office for you to complete your good works.”

He acknowledged that the route to 2015 was not going to be very smooth but assured him at the end that victory will be his as well as of the party.

“We will never be intimidated, we will not be intimidated. You are like David in the Bible, you are fighting all the wars today so that future Presidents in Nigeria will have peace. We recognize that.

“You have taken the right step by building the Almajiri schools particularly in Northern Nigeria, you are building other schools in the South. You have decided to take education as a major step to educate Nigerian children so that they will not be misled in the future again.”

Turning to the subject of terrorism, well-known to be one of Mr. Jonathan’s weakest points, Akpabio said, “Never again will people mislead our children into terrorism; never again will our children succumb to insurgency. We are witnessing something that is totally un-Nigerian and we are saying do not be intimidated, we are behind you. Those who are behind you are more than those we are against you. In 2015 all Nigerians are going to tell you that we are behind you.

“We are against terror, we are against enemies of progress, we are against propaganda, and we are against blackmail.”


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