NNPC pipeline explodes in Ijedodo area of Lagos State

Vctim of suspected pipeline vandals were on Thursday feared killed in a massive inferno that exploded at petroleum pipeline belonging to Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, at Ijedodo area of Lagos State.
Report the press gathered was that some suspected pipeline vandals, had besieged the pipeline belonging to NNPC around evening time and were said to be scooping petroleum product into jerry cans.
Suggested report gathered that an argument ensued among the vandals as they were scooping the petrol, while one of them ignited the fire that caused a massive explosion that set the entire area on fire.
Residents of Ijedodo and Abulado areas who witnessed the massive inferno called on to the relevant authorities to expedite actions and put out the fire.
However,the press could not confirm the number of casualties as the fire was still raging at the time of fling this report while we wait for names and for officials to give us detailed information.

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