Nigerian Government Removes Fixed Electricity Tariffs Charges


The Chairman of NERC (Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission) Dr. Sam Amandi on Monday, announces the increase of Electricity tariffs and the remove of the monthtly fixed charges of energy across the country.

The charges will vary from residential, Commercial and Industrial. The NERC stated that the consumers will pay according to the rate of energy consumed. That is you pay for what you consume and the fixed monthly charges will no longer be used.

In the new tariff regime, the residents in the Abuja Electricity Distribution, will not pay the regular fixed charges of N750 monthly. The new charge here will be increased by N9.60. Same as the Ikeja Electricity Distribution, the residential consumers will not pay the regular monthly fixed charges of N750, the tariff will now be increased to N10 & N8 respectively.

According, to NERC the meters would be used to measure the rate of energy consumption. This will enable the consumers to pay for what they consume. Thereby, aiding the pricing of Electricity.


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