A Nigeria drug mule left to die at the Madrid airport after cocain split open in his stomach

Occupational hazard some may say? A Nigerian drug mule has died in a Spanish airport after cocaine bags inside his body split open – because airport staff refused to touch him fearing he had Ebola. The man collapsed in the customs area of the Madrid-Barajas airport outside the capital after arriving on a flight from Istanbul. Upon hearing that the man was from Nigeria, staff were too afraid to approach the man and left him in shivers on the airport floor.

The man, who had landed on a flight from Istanbul on October 18, died 90 minutes later from a massive drugs overdose, Spain’s El Mundo newspaper said.

It added: ‘A civil guard officer initially positioned the man on his side and identified him from personal documents.

‘When it was clear he was a Nigerian, no one dared touch him.

‘Medical staff decided immediately that there was a risk that this could be a case of Ebola.’

GAFA Pilot: “Some years ago I had a passenger die on a flight I was operating from Sierra Leone / West Africa back to the UK. This Nigerian chaps initial symptoms looked very similar to someone having an epileptic fit (albeit that he had several such ‘fits’ in succession). His symptoms including pronounced sweating, listlessness, and defecation (i.e. v.similar to Ebola). We diverted the aircraft to Malaga airport whereupon he was pronounced dead by the attending paramedics. His subsequent autopsy confirmed that he was cocaine ‘drug-mule’ with many drug filled condoms found within his system (just one of which had failed, therein causing his death). I was latterly informed by Doctor (actually a Consultant Anaesthetist) that – as smuggled cocaine is almost always of the purest sort, i.e. very potent when it gets into the blood stream – there was almost nothing we could have done, as crew, to save the mans life, and we did try! A very sad outcome for all concerned.”


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  1. That’s what is called occupational hazard and I’m sure they know about this before engaging in the trade

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