Nigerian Army ranked no. 5 in Africa

Global Fire Power (GFP) has put Nigeria and some other African countries together in military strength assessment that resulted in top 5 ranking, which goes as follows:

5 Nigeria

Nigeria moved from no 4 spot to 5. The Nigerian army is the second largest in the continent by number of troops and was expected to move up to number position at this time. But poor equipment and political instability has rendered them less effective. The country has at her disposal- over 1,400 amoured vehicles, 360 tanks and 6,000 logistical vehicles. There are about 300 air craft and 25 high powered naval vessels to augment the arsenal. However, the Nigerian military has been criticized for cowardice in combating Boko Haram and for their dealings with civilians.

4 South Africa

The South African Army is using technology to put themselves at the forefront. Although the country has about 88,000 front-line personnel and less than 17,000 active reserve personnel, their international cooperation and advanced military equipment has put them in the position no 4.

3 Ethiopia

Ethiopia got no 3 position from many factors. Their early independence, Ancient civilization and orientation when the existence of any nation depends on her military strength. Therefore, Ethiopia has a population of 38 million, and 24 million are considered to be fit for active military service. Additionally, 182,500 personnel are in their ground forces while their air force boasts of 3000 personnel.

2 Algeria

Algerian Army commands about 120,000 active personnel, with about 2000 amoured vehicles at their disposal. The Algerian military is made up young Army and modern equipment which makes their ground and air forces strong.

1 Egypt

Egyptian military takes the no 1 spot. They have to develop a great military strength overtime, acquiring massive weaponry and personnel. Over 1.5 million people make the Army age annually. They also have at their disposal 800 military air crafts and 200 helicopters.


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