The Nigerian army clears Boko haram out of Mubi

The Nigerian army has again proven their worth in the current war with the Islamic sects, Boko haram, as they has completed the operation to dislodge and clear the dreaded sects out of Mubi and Adamawa states. The terrorists had captured Mubi and renamed the town Medina and turned it into their base.

As if they are not yet done, a mop up operations is presently going on to make sure that there is no one of the sects that may be lurking around the neighboring communities.

The terrorists were cleared from the area, after some coordinated air and land operations in the area. More troops are being deployed to other areas in the Nort-Easth environs for the same clearance operations just like Mubi and Adamawa.

A top military source reveals that the desperate terrorists are looking for escape routes while wracking havoc on any soft targeted areas they could lay their hands on. The source said, that in their attempt to escape from the heated area, they have resorted to attacking soft neighboring communities.

He, the officer, acknowledged the loyal support of the communities in fishing out the insurgents.

The communities were urged not keep any suspected member of the sect hidden.

“The people must be courageous and brave enough in identifying the terrorists that are mostly known to the locals to enable the military curtail the excesses of the insurgents.”

“We are working assiduously to also tackle activities of moles, some very young people who spy for terrorists and invite them for invasion of communities. We need the cooperation of the residents,” he added.


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  1. That’s wonderful , atleast students can go back to school for end of second semester examinations.It is a good news for entire mubi residence and it environment.

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