Nigerian Army Alert Citizens On The New Tactics Of Suicide Bombers

Nigerian Army today issued an alert warning on their Facebook page to revealed the new tactics of suicide bombers to the general public.

Read the Nigerian Army warning press statement below..

It has come to the notice of the Defence Headquarters that Boko Haram, in their desperation to cause colossal havoc, have now devised a new method where they dress like mad persons to gain unsuspecting access to public areas to detonate bombs.

The 2 male suicide bombers, dressed like mad women and carried out suicide bomb attack in Gombi, Adamawa State, is instructive in this direction. Five people lost their lives and several others were wounded in the heinous attack by these ungodly people.

The Defence Headquarters therefore urges our fellow good citizens across the country to be wary of mad persons approaching markets, public places or crowded areas so as to nip this ugly trend in the bud. Nigerians are also enjoined to be security conscious at all times and should endeavor to report any suspicious person or object to security agencies for prompt action.


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