Nigeria Air Force Raid Cross River State, Kill 350 People


Unconfirmed report From Ikot Obiokut Akwa Ibom Nigeria is reporting that the Nigeria Air Force Kill 350 In Akwa Ibom State, most of whom were innocent villagers.

Intel reports are confirming the Nigeria Air Force raid in Cross River was actually on a border community Ikot Obiokut.

The raid by Hind helicopter gunships using incendiary bombs massacred over three hundred villagers and about twenty militants!

One villager who escaped the massacre by swimming across the creek reported that they were going about their normal business when suddenly the gunship flew over the village.

Villagers who were not engaged in any criminal activity came out to wave to the aircraft when suddenly the gunship opened fire. Those who ran into their houses were roasted when they gunship came back and napalmed the whole village. Uwem, one of the survivor, is now living in fear of his life.


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