Nigeria: The 4th most dangerous country in the world

In January, 2010, Forbes put Nigeria at number 10 in the list of most dangerous countries in the world. It was at that time from the South South region of the country. The Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) was at rampage, bombing pipelines, kidnapping expatriates.

MEND, during their days in Nigeria
MEND, during their days in Nigeria

And that was fair enough to get the oil rich country to the tenth position. The argument has it that MEND was fighting for the people’s rights, and that was right. The Niger Delta area provides 95% of the country’s resources, yet, the Niger Delta people almost beg for food. Made up of peasant farmers who oil spillage has rendered jobless and famished, there seemed to be justified reasons for the unrest.

The worst part of the whole drama beckons on the fact of fraud, embezzlement of fund, to sum it up ‘corruption’ that has enabled greedy politicians (Most of them from the North) to loot the national treasury- resources derived from Niger-Delta.

It was until after so many years of this struggle that a solution of Amnesty was welcomed by the militants to the relief of every peace loving person in Nigeria.- Finally there was peace.

It was in the wake of this relative peace that a war broke out, a war that the country is still  fighting, and victory isn’t in sight.-Boko Haram.

The Islamic sect took it upon themselves in the wake of electoral victory of 2011, to introduce to Nigerians, what they use to see on the news- mass killings of innocent people in the name religion.

Scene of a bomb blast in Abuja Nigeria
Scene of a bomb blast in Abuja Nigeria

Since then, thousands of people have died, many more are still at the mercy of the terrorists. Many towns in the North are being trampled and captured as part of Boko Haram’s Islamic Caliphate. In this state of terrorism, Nigerian soldiers and civilians share the same fate- death.

Over six months ago, about 219 girls were abducted from their schools, which became a global issue and a very tall height of crime and terrorism. The parents and guardians of the girls and Nigerian people as a  whole are still waiting, hoping the girls would come home someday.


Bombings at schools, parks, football viewing centers and public places have become part of daily life in Nigeria. So it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone when Nigeria moved 6 places to number 4 position (after Somalia, Syria and Iraq) on the most dangerous countries list.




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