National Assembly proposes Imprisonment for those who beg alms using the disabled

The national assembly has proposed a six month jail term for anyone who uses disabled persons to solicit alms. The upper and lower houses have called it a crime for anyone or group of people to use people with disability to solicit alms in the public.

The upper and lower houses have jointly made this provision as a bill and preparing it to be presented to the president. If the bill is signed into law, the number of disabled people begging on the street will reduce drastically.

The step was taken by the lawmakers to augment the national commission for persons with disabilities, which will be chaired by a disabled person.

The bill  has that anyone who is found wanting in this regard shall spend six months in prison or pay N100.000 or both. Adding to that, the national assembly calls it a crime hence, to discriminate of stigmatize physically challenged people.

In the bill also is the provision for free education at all levels for people with disabilities. Schools of all levels are directed to make learning provision for physically challenged people, and create amenities like (Braille, sign language) that will enable them to study.


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