National Assembly of looters — Obasanjo

Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo has once again taken a swipe at the Nigerian National Assembly, calling them thieves and looters.

It could be recalled that years back, President Obasanjo has attacked them in a similar manner saying- “Nass is full of criminals, what kind of laws would they make?”

He was speaking at the presentation of justice Mustapha Akanbi’s autobiography in Abuja, on Wednesday, when he expressed his regret that corruption is eating every aspect of the country’s  life.

He therefore, scolded the National Assembly for allowing themselves to be used by the executive, which he said has heightened Nigerian corruption status.

According to him, the situation remains the way it is because the executive has been making direct payments to the legislature not to check its excesses. Furthermore, Nass members exaggerate contracts and extort contractor and ministries, they do that when they go to commission projects, or whenever contracts are awarded.

The resultant consequence is abandoned projects and corruption in every Government parastatal. And since they cover for each other, there is no one to question any action.

He didn’t forget to mention that the national assembly has never pointed out corrupt practices of any of its members, except when it’s led by the executive.

“when the guard is a thief, only God can keep the house safe and secure.” He added




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