More than 2,500 people killed by earthquake in Nepal

The Nepalese are currently going through some difficult time, especially those in the east of Nepal's capital Kathmandu where 6.7-magnitude tremor has been hit. As the search and road-clearing efforts got under way, a major aftershock sent people as far as India, Bangladesh, and eastern Nepal into a panic again.

The death toll from the original earthquake on Saturday could rise, as the situation is unclear in remote areas which remain cut off or hard to access.

Many mountain roads are cracked or blocked by landslides. Scores of bodies have been ferried to hospitals in Kathmandu, many of which are struggling to cope with the number of injured. More than 700 have died in the capital alone.

According to the BBC reports, "Scores of people slept outside on Saturday night - braving wet and cold weather - either because their homes were destroyed or because they feared numerous aftershocks."

World leaders and global charities have offered emergency aid to Nepal, as the government grapples with the scale of the disaster.

India is at the forefront of the relief effort, offering help including helicopters which have been deployed to remote areas.

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