Messi equals Raul’s champions league goal record

Lionel Messi proved he’s got over two  subsequent defeats to Real Madrid and Celta Vigo. The Argentine forward netted twice to seal the win for Barcelona over Ajax in Amsterdam. It was the 71st goal for him and 1000th champions league goal  for Barcelona.

The two  goals were worth more than a winning to Barcelona, it puts the scorer on the same level  of record with Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez. Who  scored 71 champions league goals in his entire career, and has held the record until last night when he has to  share with Messi and eventually watch him break it.

Another player in the list of this contest is Cristiano  Ronaldo, who has so far scored 70 champions league goals, needing only one goal to equal the record. Unfortunately he didn’t score on Tuesday when his side Real  Madrid sealed a 2  nil win over Liverpool in Anfield.

It is likely Messi is going to hold the record for a long time. When Raul was Messi’ age, he had 48 Champions league goals and it took him 142 matches to make the 71 goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo had 34 champions league goals when he was at the age of Messi, and it him 107 matches to hit his 170 goals.

Messi however, has only 90 matches to at the age of 27 to equal this record, and that means he could keep for as long as it takes.





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