Massive turn out as Jimi Agbaje campaigns in Ladipo

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship Candidate for Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, get massive turn out as he campaign in Ladipo market where he met with professionals, traders, market women and artisans.

His statement below…

Yesterday, our brothers and sisters at Ladipo came out in their numbers to hear me speak and it was evident how much the people of Lagos want a more inclusive and more progressive government. I was so inspired by the turn out that I took some time out today to reflect on why I chose to run.

If there’s something I sincerely think that we must achieve as a government, it is that government must begin work for, not just a few elites, but for ordinary people. For those who have suggested that Lagos is a company, and should be treated as such, I beg to differ.

You see Lagos is not a company. It shouldn’t be. A state with so much human capital should not be led by a “chosen few” who dictate to the rest of us like a CEO would do to his employees. Lagos is first and foremost a home – to millions of people who form a microcosm of the larger country. It is a melting-pot that showcases the best in our people and underscores the inherent power we have as a people-united irrespective of our tribe, creed or religion.

In a company, you hire and fire. When profits look good, employees get bonuses. When profits are down, employees lose out. I don’t want to be the CEO of Lagos. As Governor, I want to be a Leader. One who leads by ideas and action and more importantly one who inspires others to do the same – whether they’re young or old; artisan or white collar; christian or muslim; indigene or non-indigene.

The challenges ahead of us will not be solved through policy or regulation alone. We will need to change mindsets and inspire hearts. I strongly believe that as government begins to work for the people, the people in return would begin to work for their beloved state, so that when we succeed, it wouldn’t be because of one man, it would be as a result of our collective effort.

In closing, let me say that in the course of this campaign, I have met some of the brightest young people that you can imagine. I’ve met young men and women who built multimillion naira businesses out of nothing running it from their homes. I have met professionals, traders, market women and artisans who make it a habit to give back to society even when it’s hard to do so sometimes. And I’m reminded why I’m here and why it’s critical to have a government that inspires, celebrates and makes life a little better for these everyday people.


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