Maiduguri and Damaturu battle harsh weather conditions

Maiduguri seems to be in endless trouble that no one knows when it’s going to experience peace again. It has been Boko Haram all these while, now, bad weather caused by harmattan is adding to the trouble. This time around, it affects both the normal people and the Boko Haram.

According to the information reaching us from the North, the northern parts Nigeria are really battling with serious Harmathan weather conditions making life and movement of people very difficult.

The haze is especially giving the residents of Maiduguri and Damaturu and many other parts of the cities/villages some hard times.

Some parts of Yobe and Borno states are said to be covered with strong harmattan wind. The residents of the areas on Saturday, woke up to the sudden harsh weather condition.

Another problem they have to battle with is the scourging wind that is giving motorists some difficulties on the highways due to poor visibility by the weather.

A commercial driver traveling to Damaturu from Maiduguri told news correspondent that drivers has to be more vigilant on the highway to prevent accidents due to the bad weather.

“We have to pay extra attention on the wheels so that we don’t cause unnecessary accident” the man said. Even right there and then, vehicles are seen driving with their headlights on to avoid any head-on collision.


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