Lagos State distributing trash bags to residents for cleaner 2015


The Lagos Waste management Authority and the United Nations Centre for Regional Development and International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services to local government have planned to hold a multi-stakeholders cooperation for knowledge and capacity development in waste management and to distribute trash bags to churches and homes in the state during the festive season to ensure a clean environment .

Oresanya said that the decision to distribute the trash bags was informed by the anticipated 100 per cent increase in waste generation during the Christmas and New Year festivities.

According to him, changing consumption patterns, which had implications for climate change among other environmental issues, have also necessitated current global trends in adopting a multi-level collaborative approach and to ensures that this year’s celebration is marked in a clean atmosphere and implored the people to shun acts capable of making the environment dirty.

He also wishes lagosians “a dirt-free celebration’’ and to contact authority on it toll free lines 5577/07080601020 incase of any emergency.


The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA).


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