Lagos-Ibadan Expressway reaches 16 per cent Completion – Official

Mr Nkereuwem Ukpong, the Deputy Director, Federal Highway (South West), Federal Ministry of Works, said the reconstruction work on Section 2 of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway had reached 16 per cent completion.

Ukpong, who is the engineer representative in charge of Section 2 of the expressway, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that other aspects of the reconstruction work so far completed included drains and culverts.

“We have achieved up to 16 per cent completion and then we have finished works on the asphalt level up to the binder course.

“We have completed up to 16 kilometres of binder course; binder course is the course you put before you have the wearing course.

“As for the works there, you have clearing of the median, you have the building up of the sub-base, base course, and then we have drains.

“We have a longitudinal drain that runs throughout the entire length of the project from Sagamu to Ibadan.

“Where we have there, we have constructed the drain of about 16 kilometres as well on it.

“And then we also have cross culverts which we have built, about 22 of them that takes water from one side of the road to another and then we have catch-pits in between.

“The challenge is in controlling the traffic, the road is one of the main arterial roads that takes goods from the ports and passes through Ibadan to the North.

NAN reports that Section 2 of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway extends from the Sagamu Interchange to Ibadan.


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