Jimi Agbaje Celebrates Mum Mrs Bisi Agbaje, On Mother’s Day

PDP Gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State Jimi Agbaje, shares a photo of his mum and a lovely message her to mark Mother’s Day celebration.
My earliest memory of my parents was seeing them strive to make the best of the opportunities that existed in a newly independent Nigeria. My father, Julius Kosebinu Agbaje – the original JK – came from humble beginnings and rose through the ranks to become one of the most successful bankers in his generation. My mother, who was a school teacher and later headmistress, dedicated her life to serving and educating others.

Although I like to think of my late father’s reputation for being a man of steel, a straight-shooter and hardline disciplinarian as playing an important role in shaping my world view, it was my mother grace, kindness and deep sense of duty to her family and God that grounded me as an individual.

She is the heartbeat that keeps our family going. A simple person yet with the inner strength of giants. When she talks, she speaks with the wisdom of a dozen lifetimes and I cannot imagine what life would have been without her advice, her nudging and her relentless love.

Today, I want to take a moment to honor all the mothers out there and to wish you a happy mother’s day. You truly deserve much more than just well wishes. Your love and resolve raising children and supporting your families strengthen the very fabric on which we thrive as a society. And it’s my prayer that life remains kind to you, now and always.

God bless.


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