Inside The Mexican Drug Lord, El Chapo’s Underground Drug Tunnels

El Chapo has many underground tunnels he has been using to traffic his drugs for many years now. Many of the tunnels has been discovered by Mexican government and they are still discovering new ones.

These engineering feats have helped make El Chapo very wealthy and the world’s most wanted drug trafficker. The sophisticated operation is explored on tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes on Channel Nine, with reporter Liz Hayes taking audiences into two of his tunnels.

“Some are not as safe as others,” Hayes told “The one in Arizona was damp and cramped and very unpleasant.” Hayes said the tunnels could take years to build and entry points were usually hidden in houses, warehouses or even a shed.

“One of the ones I saw was located in a nondescript house in a street, in the garage. The floor would lift up hydraulically. It just looked like a cement floor.”

El Chapo tunnel
El Chapo tunnels features lighting and ventilation
El Chapo tunnel
Some tunnels can cross borders and extend into kilometers | photo credit:

There was a huge amount of time and expense involved in building them but apparently it took just one successful drug shipment for this investment to pay off, Hayes said.

“It’s a very innovative way to ship drugs but he also has aircraft apparently and small submarines,” she said.
“(El Chapo) was a very innovative man, he was successful for a reason, but also because he had a lot of money and could bribe and corrupt a lot of people.”


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