Husband and Wife in shock after giving birth to dwarf

The joy and excitement that comes with childbirth is absent to the family of Frances Omgbolo when his wife gave birth to a dwarf baby.

It was gathered that the woman, 26, who was rushed to the labour room, came with full term pregnancy and was later delivered of a dwarf.

A source at the hospital said Omgbolo, a 41-year- old civil servant from Obrigbene community in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, was thrown into confusion when he learnt that his wife has given birth to a dwarf, describing it as mysterious

Reacting to the unusual experience, Mrs. Omgbolo said she was shocked at the sight of the baby. According to her: “What I saw as a baby, I could not believe I carried it for nine months. Never in my life have I seen a thing like this. This is my third pregnancy. I have three children, my first pregnancy was twins without any form of dwarfism. I don’t know where this is coming from. Since the outset of this pregnancy, I have had several challenges, including bad dreams. It is the handiwork of my enemies. But I thank God I am strong after delivery.”

Speaking to our correspondent, Dr. Chuks Obonodi and Dr. Ekene Okwuje of the Bomadi General Hospital, where the woman gave birth, described the condition as Achonodroplasia (a baby with short limb).

The medical personnel explained that the woman who had a still birth about noon on the fateful day presented complications known as footing breach presentation with excessive amniotic fluid.

On dwarfism, Dr. Okwuje explained: “It is a genetic problem amongst parents with recessive genes. It only exhibits when both parents have the traits.”

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