Human Right Abuse: IG reads riot act to the Nigerian Police

The inspector General of police, Suileiman Abba has warned men of the Nigerian police to exercise consciousness toward the rights of the Nigerian public.

He sounded the warning from the force head quarters at Abuja on Wednesday while launching The Human Rights Manuals for Police men and human right desk officers.

The manual was presented by the help of Cleen foundation, the Swiss Embassy and some other organizations. The IG emphasized the need for change in relationship between the Police and the public, which he admitted has been strained due to excesses of the Nigerian police men.

He thus promised that the Manual will be introduced to all Police colleges, which he believes will help tthe police to know and respect people,s rights.

Expressing his optimism he added, “this is not the first time human rights will be introduced by the Police but in addition to past efforts, every officer will be given a manual to guide them, every policeman.”

It is expected to take effect as soon as possible. Such a change in the Police can only result in enhanced relationship with the general Public.


2 thoughts on “Human Right Abuse: IG reads riot act to the Nigerian Police

  1. like they will listen they feel once that gun is in their hand the are gods, I like it when the army’s maltreat them

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