How You Can Help Fight Corruption in Nigeria

Corruption is the biggest problem militating against meaningful development in Nigeria and if nothing serious is done about it, the nation may soon go extinct.

‘Whistle Blowing’ is part of our effort to fight corruption in the Nigerian society through

My name is Darlinton Omeh – I am the founding editor of Constative News, a platform that is gearing to become the number one information platform in Nigeria.

Seeing what had been achieved in the past two years exposing corrupt practices through the social media, we strongly believe that even much more can be achieved if serious citizen journalism platform is build to empower whistle blowers and eyewitness reporters to come forward “Anonymously” with reports about ongoing corruption in the system.

$20.75 Billion have been wasted to generate power since 1999 with less than 4,000 MW (just big enough to power few institutions) to show for it.

$22 Billion went missing from the NNPC last year and up till now, has not been properly accounted for.

Nigerian elites owns the highest number of private jets in the world, yet, this is a nation where 90% are classified as poor and 65% of it’s citizens survive on less than $1 per day.

  • The untold number of corruption that goes on here gives me sleepless night.
  • I believe you too are not happy about it and would like to see it eliminated.
  • We can’t just sit back and watch a whole generation of human-being perish.

We are dedicating this premium news site ( and asking for your support by sending us any information, news, documents, and reports about any corrupt practice going in your department or elsewhere.

You can also encourage everyone you know to report any ongoing corrupt scams they know on Constative so that we can make it public and shame these evil through public condemnation, and incite the Nigerian government to take action.

We are currently looking to raise $55,000 which will go along way to make this project a reality. While we are not asking you to donate to us, investing with us will help us achieve this faster and at the same time, put profit in your pocket.

Now lets get it going! When you support this project, be rest assured you are supporting a noble idea and your name shall be written in gold on

What We Stand To Achieve

Experience has shown that Nigeria government tends to take action against corrupt officials whenever such deed becomes public knowledge and attracted public outcry.

Our aim therefore is to use to put pressure on the government of the day and force them to perform and deliver good governance to the people.

To expose every corrupt practices going on in the Nigerian society and pressure government to act. And most importantly, to put the public in the know!

Example: Alunma Oteh was relieved off her position as the aviation minister following the persistent outcry from the public over her purchase of $4 million bulletproof BMW car which was made public by the whistle blowers through the social media.

  • Some police officers have been arrested and charged to court or dismissed from service because their corrupt practices were made public through the social media by whistle blowers and citizen journalists.
  • The case of Aluu 4 was brought to the general public by citizen journalists which prompted government to act and get the people involved arrested.
  • recorded and reported the humiliating condition Nigerians suffers in Ghana prison which prompted government to intervene.
We have a track record with projects like this: In 2012 when there was practically no place on the internet where Nigerians could get tips and ideas about small medium scale businesses in Nigeria, I started as a blog to serve this purpose. became the number one go to platform for business ideas in Nigeria and more than ten thousand Nigerians were able to start a business of their own for the first time through before it merged with constative.
Corruption in Nigeria
Protesters during the 2013 “Occupy Nigeria” protest against fuel subsidy removal |

This we plan to recreate with to fight corruption in Nigeria.


Risks & Challenges

One of the biggest risk is dealing with the Nigerian corrupt politicians trying to extract information about their shady deals. These people can be deadly sometimes threatening your very life if you try to expose their evil deeds. It is a common practice in Nigeria to confiscate cameras from Journalist and even destroy it.

Freedom of information bill has been passed but the enforcement still remain a big challenge in Nigeria and the law is not quite clear on this.

Another big challenge is getting people to come forward with information materials on corrupt practices in a society where almost everybody is corrupt.

And getting people to trust the credibility of the information we are getting across is another challenge itself.

Solutions: We have mapped out strategies to overcome these challenges and become successful in this project:-

  • Chunk of our budget will go into the purchase of secret cameras which will enable us record corrupt practices without drawing attention to ourselves. We will make these cameras available to our trusted sources to help facilitate information gathering.
  • We are enlisting the services of qualified Lawyers in reputable law firms to help in the legal processes. One of them is Brr. Oddeh and New Gate chambers. In the event that the risks becomes unbearable, we may relocate and operate from distance.
  • Getting people to come forward with information requires serious marketing and branding. 20% of our budget will go into marketing and brand building.
  • Our biggest asset in building credibility is the ‘domain name’ a premium one word English domain name. Gaining trust and respect with such name is far easier than building on wacky domain names.
  • Finally, the Federal Government of Nigeria is currently in the process of passing the “Whistle Blowers Protection Bill” which will go a long way to assist us.

With these and many more strategies, we are sure to conquer every challenges we may face in building one of the most trusted information rich citizen journalists platform geared towards fighting corruption in Nigeria. We urge you to support us to achieve this by sending us information.

Other Ways You Can Help

Nothing is too small – as little as sharing this page with your friends on the social media can go a long way. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, and any other ways you can.

  • You can buy some of the items and equipment needed for this project for us.
  • You can provide us office space to house the project and it’s staffs!

And that’s all there is to it. We look forward to your kind support in anyway possible you can. We appreciate and value anything you can do as part of your support to fight corruption in Nigeria. Thank you!


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  1. It is the same everywhere, Nigeria and Ghana is the same and I think information on Nigerian website will also get to the Ghanaians too. You can report some of those corruptions in Ghana police force to us, we’ll be eager to publish it and get many Ghanaian authorities to read it.

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