Hoodlums beat up workers in Ibadan Property Company


There is tension at the Ring Road headquarters of the Ibadan Local Government Properties Company Limited, Ibadan, Oyo State, yesterday, as hoodlums stormed the compound and beat up some workers.

The company manages property owned by the 11 local governments in Ibadan, including estates (Mapo Hall) and monuments.

An eyewitness said eight hoodlums invaded the office complex at noon and ordered workers out of their offices, beating up those that resisted.

Five workers were reportedly assaulted, among them the Company Secretary, Adebowale Abdulazeez.

The eyewitness told The Nation that the hoodlums slapped Adebowale when he inquired the reason they were being asked to leave.

According to him, the hoodlums, after “descending on” some senior managers, asked for the general manager.

But some workers prevented them from entering the general manager’s office.

The General Manager, Surajudeem Babalola, escaped and reported the attack to the police.

But before policemen arrived at the scene, the hoodlums fled.

At the office complex yesterday, workers were still in shock.

Babalola said the company had never been attacked.

But a source said the recent transfer by the company might be responsible for the attack.

Babalola called on the police to investigate the attack and arrest the culprits.


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