Hat-trick: Messi and Ronaldo pushing for Ballon D’or

A night after Cristiano Ronaldo netted thrice to give Real Madrid overwhelming victory over Celta Vigo, Lionel Messi also scored three in a derby, against Espanyol, to keep the weekend of hat-tricks flying.

The La liga duo are pressing for the number one footballer of the year, and have sharpened the boots to make every match count as the FIFA Gala night approaches.

Ronaldo scored his 23rd La liga hat-trick to get closer to the Ballon D’or, while Messi replied him with a spectacular “I will be there before you answer” against Catalonia rivals Espanyol.

Messi and Ronaldo only have Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer to beat come January 2015. in the light of the race to win, it seems the competition is just getting started.



2 thoughts on “Hat-trick: Messi and Ronaldo pushing for Ballon D’or

  1. messi and ronaldo have really kill the world of soccer, this two are outstanding and magnificent, I strongly believe that both should not be compare.

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