Boko Haram fresh attacks in Damaturu

Damaturu again came into heavy attacks on Friday around 6:00pm in the evening leading to residents scrambling for safety. Sporadic gunshots and heavy artillery sounds were heard all over Dmaturu, the Yobe state capital.

The intensity of the sounds of the attacks which later spread to the Northern part close to Gujba and Gulani Local Government Areas, made the people to believe it to from the dreaded sect of Boko Haram insurgents.gup

Since the attack on Damaturu the state capital on December 1, 2014, which were followed with attacks on Damagum, Geidam and Babbangida, Yobe residents have continued to live in fear of more attack by the dreaded Jihadist members, the Boko Haram.

We hope to bring you more details as more facts emerge.


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