54 Nigerian soldiers to die by firing squad

For the fifty-four Nigerian soldiers who refused to fight Boko haram in the northern part of the country, a competent source within the military has confirmed, that they are to die by firing squad.

A military court-Martial sitting in Abuja came up with this. The soldiers were accused of mutiny, assault, cowardice, and refusing to fight Boko Haram in the North-Easthern part of the country.

Source within the military high command, confirmed this to the media, and said that other five soldiers were acquitted and discharged.

In September, 12 soldiers were sentenced to death by firing squad for mutiny and attempted murder of their commanding officer in Maiduguri.

As we all know however, the sentences are subjected to confirmation by the appropriate superior authority. Presently, no official statement has been issued on their conviction.


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