Fearless salesgirl foils robbery attempt in Lagos

A robbery attempt was recently foiled in Lagos by a salesgirl who could not be silenced by threats of the robbers.

’’The young girl did what the average man could not do under the circumstance. She took the risk, and it paid off,’’ a source said.

The girl, it was learnt, defied the order of the robbers and jumped out of the shop. The threat of shooting her could not stop her as she kept running and shouting ‘armed robbers’.
The unusual shout alerted neighbors and helped came her way. The suspects were left with no option but to flee the scene.

One of the suspects on a motorcycle outside the shop, identified as Nurudeen Adeyoju, escaped but his partner, Sunday  Adewole wasn’t as fortunate because he fell into the hands of an angry mob, who almost roasted him if not for the timely interventions of the team of policemen that arrived the scene.

The suspect who is currently being detained at Special-Anti-Robbery-Squad (SARS), Ikeja, confessed that their mode of operation was to mount surveillance on women who sell cement at Ijaye-Ijokoro axis with a view to monitoring their sales and where they keep their money.

They also said that they oc­casionally rob drivers of truck faced with mechanical problem.
Adewole in particular con­fessed his previous escapades, describing himself as a success­ful armed robber, who enjoyed himself with his loot.

According to him, what moved him into robbery was addiction to “good things of life” as he puts it, which includes luxury items and sleeping with women of his choice among others.

‘’I was confident that I would always get good money, so I was ready to spend money on any woman that attracted my atten­tion. There is no amount I could not spend once the woman ap­peals to me. I have slept with so many of them because I know that all they need is money,’’ Ad­ewole said.
A police source at SARS de­scribed the suspect as big fish owing to their profile and reck­less life.
The source added that they lived big as they patronized big hotels where they keep women and wine with reckless aban­don


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