Fashola urges Nigerians to embrace innate unity of purpose to deliver free, fair election


“It is the only means to restore the nation again to global reckoning”, he says as they join the rest of world to usher in New Year 2015, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has urged Nigerians embrace unity of purpose in the effort to deliver a free and fair election as a means of restoring the nation once again to global reckoning.In his New Year message to Nigerians, Governor Fashola said, who said the nation has an innate greatness pointed out that this is the time for Nigerians to tap into that strength to to change those things which over the years has made the country lose face in the comity of nations.

The Governor, who noted that as a country, Nigeria has made her mark globally, especially, in her contribution to global peace, pointed out that she has sacrificed men and materials to keep other nations stable adding, “She has led mostly from the front to bring political and economic stability to some nations, particularly in the Continent of Africa”.
Reiterating that one important way the country could return to global reckoning was through delivery of free and fair elections this year, Governor Fashola pointed out that the eyes of the whole world would be upon the country to prove that she is ready for greatness.

He noted that individual Nigerians have also continued to make their mark in all spheres of human development including Science, Medicine, the Arts and Music, thereby building wealth and prestige for other nations. He declared, “What is missing here is the orderliness which obedience to the tenets of the rule of law engenders in those countries. This begins with the ability of citizens of those climes to choose leaders of their choice”.

Describing the Year 2015 as a year of destiny for Nigeria, Governor Fashola further declared, “It is a year when we must redraw the picture of failure and perceived inability to govern ourselves which we have, hitherto presented to the outside world. It is a year when we must endeavour to reclaim our glory”.

“Our future greatness lies in our ability to move beyond rhetoric and practically rebrand our country and change the ugly picture that has unfortunately been presented to the world through the acts of very few of our countrymen who are in the minority”.
The Governor called for vigilance and resistance against deceitful politicians, and warned, “The way we use our votes will determine the nature and character of leadership we truly want. It will also demonstrate our ability and willingness to extricate ourselves from exploitation and servitude.

But most of all, our rightful use of our votes will demonstrate to the whole world that Nigeria has finally arrived to take her rightful place in the global community. We must not miss this chance. It may be our last”.
Wishing Lagosian a happy and prosperous New Year, Governor Fashola urged them to vote to retain the All Progressives Congress in the State as a means to consolidate the achievements already made and to ensure that the State remains the leader in all fronts of the nation’s development.


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