UPdate: Explosion in Kano Mosque, killed over 200 people

Reports coming from the Northern commercial city Kano, have confirmed explosions at the city’s central mosque, killing over 200 people. The people, who gathered for the Friday prayer were taken to their early grave in the most Barbaric manner.

kano blastIt was the biggest single attack carried out by the extremists in Kano, eyewitness accounts say tell the horrible story. There were two explosions, and went off simultaneously with deafening sound, bringing down worshipers, in and outside the Mosque.

One explosion took place inside the Mosque, the other was outside, but they happened simultaneously. Another eyewitness recounted:

Gunshots erupted as soon as the blasts had happened, bringing down more people who were fleeing for their lives. Another witness said:

” I counted 70 bodies inside the Mosque, there were about 150 bodies recovered from outside. Painfully, most of the victims were children.”

Vanguardnews gathered that major hospitals in the city have been filled up with bodies and injured victims, as Ambulances move about the troubled city.

However, it was noted that the Emir Kano, was not in the Mosque, during the prayer time, but has traveled to Saudi Arabia for undisclosed reasons.

Striking Doctors were not helpful, as victims were not subjected to adequate medical attention.



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  1. woah this is oretty sad, see children that were praying to their god and they were sent to their early grave. …may their soul rest in peace

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