Emir visits mosque after deadly blast

The Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi II, had paid a visit today to the scene of the bomb blast that left over hundred people dead in Kano.

The former central bank number one man, now Emir of Kano, assured faithfuls that they would not be intimidated into abandoning their religion of peace (Islam) because of the increasingly and coordinated bomb/gun attacks on the different areas but more especially the one at the central mosque that took the lives of 120 people.

Hear him:“We will never be intimidated into abandoning our religion, which is the intention of the attackers,”

He blatantly denied the claims that the attacks was as the results of his statement  at the mosques the previous week when he was quoted as  urging civilians to take up arms against the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram.

He said that attacks has been in coolers just waiting for the slated time to strike and of which they have done and wasted the lives of the innocent 120 citizens of the country.

A visit to the unfortunate incident scene will tell you the magnanimous of the havoc caused as blood stains and pieces of human bodies were scattered every where around the mosque.

“I have directed that the mosque be washed and cleaned and prayers should continue here,” Sanusi said



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