Ekiti: PDP lawmakers appoint Dele Olugbemi acting speaker

The impeachment saga in Ekiti State House of Assembly has taken a new dimension. A new speaker has been appointed by some PDP lawmakers.

Reports say the seven lawmakers were on Monday escorted into the state Assembly Complex in Ekiti by Mobile Police Commander, Selenkere Michael before they appointed Honourable Olugbemi as the acting Speaker.

There were also reports that the police were reported to have prevented 19 others including the substantive speaker, Dr. Olawale Omirin, from entering the Assembly Complex.

According to the seven lawmakers, an acting speaker was only appointed to allow it carry out urgent business of the assembly in the absence of the substantive speaker and his deputy.

The substantive speaker, Dr Omirin, however, condemned the action of the seven PDP members of the House, describing it as a reckless abuse of the constitution.

He said their actions would be challenged in court


2 thoughts on “Ekiti: PDP lawmakers appoint Dele Olugbemi acting speaker

  1. This is Bad, I think How PDP are growing in this country is causing a serious problem to the economy and rights of the citizens, they try controlling the government in their personal Gains without minding other zones interest.

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