DR Congo clashes over Joseph Kabila’s future


The political unrest in Congo seems to be taking a turn for the worst, as continued protests over the suspected prolonging stay in the office of their president, Joseph Kabila.

At least four persons has been killed in the protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo, calling for the President to step down next year. The extents of the protests were indeed much, throughout Kinshasa the capital, to the extent that internet connections were blocked out in the countrykinnnnn

Demonstrators say government plans for a census are a ploy to delay elections; which they are not ready to imbibe.

Mr Kabila is constitutionally barred from running for a third term.

The government admits next year’s elections could be delayed, but says the census is vital to ensure free and fair elections.

The BBC’s Maud Jullien reports from Kinshasa that most shops are closed and internet and text messaging services have been blocked, apparently on the orders of the government.

Hundreds of angry young men burned tyres in several neighborhoods, looted mainly Asian-owned shops and threw stones at cars, our reporter says.

A town hall in southern Kinshasa, a city with a population of more than nine million, was also set ablaze, AFP news agency reports.

In the poor area of Masina on the city’s outskirts, police tried to disperse protesters by shooting into the air, our correspondent says.

Ten people were arrested on Tuesday, AFP reports.

Government spokesman Lambert Mende said two policemen and two “looters” had been killed in Monday’s clashes in the capital.

Human rights activists said up to 10 people may have been killed.

Opposition figures suggested the number of those who had died may be higher still.


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