Dogs has taken over the war against Boko Haram


In the beginning, it was the Army and Police, later we heard of hunters, now it’s the dogs! According to reports, dogs has taken over the fight against the Boko Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria and is said to be recording victory and against terrorist with 55mm cannibals and RPGs.

The Nigerian Army has deployed 20 out of its over 200 working war dogs in the on-going war against Boko Haram insurgents in the country’s North-East.

Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Kenneth Minimah, who disclosed this over the weekend, attributed the major breakthrough in the recovery of some communities held by the insurgents to a combination of the excellent performance of the war dogs, the resilience of the troops and the determination by the armed forces to quickly restore peace in the region.

Minimah, who spoke on Saturday during the commissioning of kennels for military war dogs in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, said that contemporary security challenges have necessitated the deployment of other aspects of tackling insurgency and war in addition to human personnel and weapons.

A Channels TV reports quotes him as stressing that the presence of more than 20 military working dogs deployed to the North-East has proved beneficial to the operations.


The report says that at the commissioning ceremony, some of the dogs, which range between the ranks of Privates and Lance Corporal, displayed some of their skills to the delighted audience.


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  1. can a dog kill a single person, one gun shot the dog is dead I think they should find something good to fight boko haram like Robots is good to go.

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