Detained Russian weapon laden plane to be released

It was a serious security business early Saturday morning as Nigerian forces detained a Russian aircraft loaded with weapons.

The aircraft touched down at Kano international Airport by 2 am, putting security personnel on red alert. The Russian government had previously denied owning the plane, but have turned around to say it’s theirs.

The Arms it contains were said to belong to the French government, while the crew were made up of Russians and french.

grouned Russian plane

The weapons were said to be heading for Ndjamena, Chad, when it was intercepted. Right now, it seems all has been settled with concerned authorities and the plane would be allowed to go.

In the light of events where Boko Haram are slaughtering innocent lives in the Northeast, their source of armory has been a very big question.

The crew have presented their documents to the satisfaction of the Nigerian officials, and it seems all have sheath their swords to allow the Airline to continue its journey.


One thought on “Detained Russian weapon laden plane to be released

  1. with the news circulating that France is owing the hardware, all i am saying is that It should not be reliesed under any reason. France seems the sponsor of torrorism in Africa

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