Women, stop sending intimate pictures to your boyfriends

A woman  named  Cazine McCarthy is warning her fellow women  not to send their naked pictures to their boyfriend when they are in their 'moment of madness.' tells how a 'moment of madness' allowed her ex-partner humiliated her online by posting an explicit photo of her when she dumped him.

Miss McCarthy, a mother of one, has spoken out about the incident for the first time to warn other women about the dangers of sending explicit photographs in what she described as a 'moment of madness.'

"I would never have thought that that brief moment of madness back then would have caused me so much grief and heartache.

I sent a video and image of myself to Nathan because he was working away and kept asking.

I was unsure at first but he reassured me. He said I could trust him and that he would never show anyone else.

Looking back it was stupid and I'd never do it again.

Women have to protect themselves. Not knowing where my picture has been shared is so frightening

"looking back I wouldn't have sent him the photo or the video but I can't change what happened.

What I can do is discourage other young women from making the same mistake.

Even if you think you love and trust someone you don't know how they will react when you break up".


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