90-year-old grandmother in primary school

Meet madam Priscilla Sitienei aka Gogo, a 90-year-old grand mother learning how to read and write for the very first time in her life.

She is in class 4 at a primary school in Ndalat village, Kenya.

The very lively grandma has worked as a midwife since age 65 at Great Valley in additions to her services as a volunteer since 2009. g1

It look and appear funny though but that is not where it lies but the motives behind her decision is.

Can you guess what that was? Her motives was nothing more than to simply get educated and also to let people know that age is nothing but a number.

Take your questions further by asking her about the wrinkles and gray hairs? oh!, that according to her is nothing but the beauties that comes with experiences in life which you can never even price with your money, no matter how much it is.

Ask Gogo of her future plans,  And she answers that it is already here and has always been, sometimes adds that it is usually deceptive in the eyes of the young people to believe that there is a particular place called future.







Her words: “You can always go for what you want, by the time you need it, when you can and when you think it’s necessary; if you’re alive and healthy, as for education, it has no limit”


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  1. This is wonderful. I agree with mama Gogo 10,000%!. Age is nothing but number and we are wise never to let it decieve us.

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