Tricycle driver (Keke Napep) sold 5 school kids to ritualist


When trust is betrayed the heart suffers the consequence. That was the case of tricycle driver in Otokutu Warri, Delta State, who was entrusted with conveying 5 kids to school.

The parents of the kids didn’t know they would end up in the custody of  ritualists, courtesy of a trusted friend. It was reported that the tricycle operator, who has been taking the children to school for a long time connived with an unknown man from the North to merchandise the kids.

sold kidsHe sold the 5 kids for N5 million, N1 million for each kid.

‘The wind blew to expose the rump of the fowl’ when a friend of the kids mother, called to tell her that her kids were not at school. The woman tried to reach the tricycle operator unsuccessfully so that she quickly ran to his home to find him packing, he was in such a hurry to get away.

The community youth were quickly alerted so that the suspect was arrested and handed over to the police.


Dailysun, gathered that all efforts to track the alleged Northern buyer proved abortive. In the light of these events, the mother slumped and died instantly. The father was said to be taking treatment in a hospital, for he collapsed too.


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  1. That the Mother slump and died, and the father remains in hospital for treatment over shock is just a big bad news to that family, am deeply angry within me, with the way Nigeria is going.

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