Tips on how to avoid being kidnapped

Kidnapping  security tips:Lagos state traffic reports.

1.  Watch what/where you speak,especially on the phone.Don’t brag yourself  into being kidnapped.

2.  Don’t leave your kids in a car unattended, e.g while shopping, refueling your car or on a social outing.

3.  Don’t disclose personal information ( number, home address, etc) to persons unknown.

4.  Engage your kids schools where possible,  get CCTV cameras to monitor your premises.

5.  Avoid going out alone, go in a group where possible, especially at night to avoid being kidnapped.

6.  Be alert to suspicious and unusual behavior, happenings around you.

7.  Do not discuss financial matters in open places, in a commercial vehicle or around your domestic staff.

8.  Be discrete in your philanthropic gestures as this could make you a target.

9.  Keep emergency numbers with you at all times.

10.  Avoid huge cash transactions; use ATM or online transfer when necessary.

11.  Don’t disclose personal info (e.g phone number, home address, etc) on social network sites.


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  1. wow the Ten tips is Okay and nice I know if we succeed following this rules all this case of kidnapping will not be recorded in our society any more.

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