Mayhem in Ibadan as Policeman was shot dead

November 23 2014 will be a nightmare for some people in Ibadan as thugs invaded some communities in Ibadan destroying properties worth millions of naira and many injured.

According to some resident in the area problem started when one police officer was shot dead during an APC rally in Ibadan.

Resident are insinuating that it was instigated by politicians and that they are doing this because the present administration in the state has succeeded in restoring peace to the state.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) in Oyo State has called for an inquiry into the violence to find out the remote cause of the indecent and why the policeman was killed.

The resident,however, are appealing to the state government to please, come to their rescue by ensuring the release of the innocent one’s arrested in the process.

4 thoughts on “Mayhem in Ibadan as Policeman was shot dead

  1. I cannot imagine that violence could reach to Ibadan just because of electoral challenges and power, Well I believe God should protect his children even when our enemies are on our foot

  2. mehn this political issue is really encroaching into state that I least expect it to reach and that’s making me womder wht will happen to states that are always prone to be affected by political maniacs. ..hmmm 2015 is gonna b hot

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