Man stabs his ex-girlfriend new lover to death in a jealous rage


A man had stabbed his ex-girlfriend male friend to death in a jealous rage. The man known as Jason Taylor,21, was convinced that his former girlfriend Jodie Emery, 26, was dating another man and decided to storm her house in age. Telling her: ‘Last chance otherwise things are going to turn sour, tell me who is there.’

Then he suddenly broke down the mother-of-two’s front door at her home in Preston, Lancashire – and, armed with a knife, began grappling with Adam Wilson, 25, who had been invited round for drinks, the court was told.

Miss Emery – whose two young daughters were asleep upstairs – allegedly tried to stand between the pair was shouting “my kids are upstairs. please stop”. At that point, Adam said “he stabbed me – ring 999”. I remember Jason swing the knife lower than the stab wound and that’s when I have seen the knife.

in a bid to split them up, but Mr Wilson was left with a fatal thigh wound. He was still stood with the knife in his hand. I said “the police are coming”, he said “you have grassed” and ran into the back garden.’

Taylor denies murder. The trial continues.

The victim – who was barely known to meat factory worker Taylor – was taken to hospital but bled to death before doctors could save him.


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