A man stabbed his wife because he teased him about his cooking

Ganpat Vaz, 40, stabbed his wife with five inch knife because she was teasing him about his cooking abilities.

Mr Ganpat, got angry when his wife Suman, 30, began teasing him about his cooking abilities Ganpat, flew into violent rage and stabbed his wife in the shoulder.

A hospital spokesman said: 'Fortunately, the knife didn't damage any vital tendons or arteries and she sensibly did not try and remove the knife herself. 'She is now recovering nicely.'

The wife Suman said: 'I can't believe he did this. He's never been violent before and we often joke about how useless he is in the kitchen. 'I just can't understand what made him flip over such a harmless remark.

A spokesman said: 'He has pleaded guilty and has apologized.' Police has said that Mr Ganpat will still face charges and could also be sentenced to 2 years in jail if found guilty.

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