Man arrested for smuggling his baby out of a hospital in a bag

A father used a plastic shopping bag to sneak his newborn baby out of a hospital in Arizona.

The 2-day-old baby girl was born with meth, marijuana, and morphine in her blood stream.

KSAZ reported that the father, Jason Bristol, wrapped the baby in blankets and put her in the plastic bag, because he “knew the child was going to be removed from them, so he wanted to get out of the hospital.”

The video shows Bristol trying to open a fire exit at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, Arizona, setting off an alarm.

A hospital employee came to see what was happening and told the 33-year-old to use the main entrance to exit the hospital.

After a brief conversation with the unsuspecting employee, Bristol took the stairs to the main lobby and walked out of the hospital with his daughter still in the bag.

Police arrested him as soon as they discovered the baby was missing.

Bristol was reportedly found with a small amount of meth on him when police arrested him.

He is facing child abuse charges and the baby is now in Department of Child Safety custody.

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